There are no serial killers in my new (old) house. Only spiders.

House in countryside

Hello, awesome readers!

If you follow me on Facebook you may be aware that I’ve moved to the country and am now living the dream.

It all started last June when Greg and I went to an auction to look at a lawn mower and ended up buying the house, which was also up for auction.

That day I got to cross off two more random items from my bucket list:

    #3. Buy a house in the country. CHECK.

    #72. Respond to the question, “So what did you buy at the auction today?” with, “A house.” CHECK.

(Because who doesn’t have that as #72 on their bucket list?)

I have a confession to make …

Before actually moving here, I was worried that the Hamster might go prolific with thoughts of serial killers hiding in the closet.

I was wrong.

Closet at night in suburbia

Closet at night in country

All this time, the Hamster was allergic to suburbia. Who knew?

Except now we have another problem …

The spiders here are bigger than polar bears!

Greg’s dirty thumbnail is also bigger than polar bears.

Greg’s dirty thumbnail is also bigger than polar bears.

At first I thought, “Oh look. One of my new neighbor’s kids is all ready for Halloween. How cute!”

And then I looked at the calendar and thought, “EWWWWW!”

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