Blogging is possibly better than therapy. But don’t tell my therapist. Just kidding. I don’t really have a therapist. Because I blog.

Hey there, awesome readers! Today I want to write about fear and self-acceptance and following your own heart. Mostly in that order but I may have to skip around a bit because I’m starting to think that life lessons and growing are not part of a linear plan at all and whoever decided that we […]

A day in the life of a long weekend. Written for anybody who has ever said, “you are so lucky to work from home”.

Happy Monday, awesome readers! As part of the Easter long weekend, many of us (you, me, our kids) are home today even though it’s a Monday. In theory this is a good thing because it takes the Monday out of Monday. The thing with “theories” though is that they lie. Put into practice, what you […]

Spring is here and the world is dirty. Very, very dirty.

Happy Day to you, awesome readers! I realize that y’all are from different parts of the world and that Mother Nature likes to vary up the head games she plays with us – depending on where we live – but l can finally say that spring has arrived here in Montreal-ish. To which I say, […]

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