Have you ever wondered what Bonnie and Clyde, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, and Harry and Bess Houdini have in common? Nothing. Probably.

Happy day to you, awesome readers!

Isn’t it interesting, the conversations that go on behind closed doors?

I look at this picture of Bonnie and Clyde …

Admit. IT!

Admit. IT!

… and my imagination immediately starts spewing out what was being said:

Bonnie: Admit it. ADMIT. IT!

Clyde: All right. All right, already. I burnt the damn toast this morning. And YES. I’ll tell the gang it wasn’t you.

Or looking at this picture of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall …

Please, darling.

Please, darling.

… and all I hear is:

Lauren: Darling, please take off that silly hat.

Humphrey: I can’t. It’s hiding my bald spot.

Looking at this picture of Harry and Bess Houdini …

Fine then!

Fine then!

… makes my brain scream out:

Harry: Get in the damn box!

Bess: I’m tired of this game. Can we go watch porn now?

Speaking of ‘behind closed doors’, recently I decided that my kitchen needed a little excitement so I thought I’d make try this recipe …

I know how to use a damn bread-making machine.

I know how to use a damn bread-making machine.

… which triggered the following conversation between Greg and I:

Greg (as he watched me pull out the bread-making machine): Whatchya gonna do with that?

Me: Plant an herb garden. What else? I was thinking some dill and maybe sage.

Greg: Either you’re being serious or you’re being sarcastic.

Me (as I walked around the kitchen, looking for ingredients): *Silence*

Greg: You can’t be both.

Between you and me, awesome readers, how hard can it be to throw a bunch of ingredients into a machine that does it all for you?

Answer: Easier than growing an herb garden *wink*

Stay tuned for outcome!

And keep your fingers crossed that I end up with a delicious maple-pecan cornmeal bread that tastes as good as its name. I want to prove to Greg that there’s a kitchen appliance that I actually know how to use.

Besides, everyone knows you can’t grow SAGE in a bread-making machine.

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