I can’t blame this one on the hamster. Oh yes I can.


Happy Day to you, awesome readers!

If you could see me now, you would know right away that I’m a little sleep deprived. It appears that the hamster has made a friend – and together they had a good ol’ time keeping me awake last night.

So who IS this friend, you ask?

It’s the ogre that lives in my basement, also known as the sump pump.

For those of you who don’t know what a sump pump is, it’s this mechanical thingy that resides in a hole in one’s basement. Its job is to prevent all of the top floors of your house from turning into Noah’s Ark. And while usually you’re not even aware of its . . . we’ll use the word “EFFICIENCIES”, lately mine has been sounding like one, big, long, continuous, grinding roar.

And last night at around 11:30 I had had enough so I decided to live on the edge and unplug the stupid thing. You know when you’re banging your head against a brick wall and how good it feels when you stop? Well, that’s how I felt immediately after pulling the cord.

“Take THAT, ogre!” I said as I climbed the stairs and crawled back into bed. This was a battle I knew I had won.

Except . . .

Just as I was starting to drift back to sleep, I felt a nudge from the hamster (more like a hammer blow to the head), asking me if I was planning on installing a sun lamp next to the indoor swimming pool that was going to be my basement by morning.

So yes. My eyes popped open and with much sleepy-eyed grudge, I went back downstairs to check on the old ogre. Sure enough, the hole had filled up with water because apparently my house was built on swampland.

Yup that was my night:

Unplug the sump pump to give my brain a break from the very loud clamour . . . Sleep for an hour . . . Wake up from dreams where I’m sitting up in bed, watching as random pieces of furniture float by . . . Go back down to plug the ogre back in to let the water out before it reached the rim of the hole . . .

An eventful night indeed.

Finally at just after 3 a.m. I’d had enough and decided to just give up on the whole sleep thing.

Oh but it’s not over. I have a plumber on his way over as I write this.

Dear Hamster and Ogre: I WILL win this battle. Tonight, I SLEEP.

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  1. As someone who spent last night staring at the ceiling from about 3:40 am onwards, I can sympathize. :P In my case though it was a husband who had this coughing choking fit before going back to bed and snoring like a chainsaw.
    Anne recently posted…Motherhood SurprisesMy Profile

  2. YAY. Glad its fixed. That would have stressed me RIGHT OUT ALL DAY NIGHT MONTH YEAR.

  3. Yuck!!! I’m the same way – the other night I went on a house-hunt trying to figure out what was making so much noise (everyone else slept through it!). I spend lots of time awake in the middle of the night.
    And – I hate sump pumps – our last house had one and 2 flooded basements later we moved to a house without a sump pump.
    I hope you got the problem taken care of today.
    Kim recently posted…Almost Time to Bring out the Trees!!!My Profile

  4. Glad that you were able to get a plumber out to get this fixed!
    Courtney recently posted…Spread the UnderstandingMy Profile

  5. That would have stressed me out to no end. Glad you got a plumber in!!
    Michelle recently posted…Hey Coach: Give the Kid a Chance! {Guest Post from Eli at Coach Daddy}My Profile

  6. God, that sounds awful… I can’t sleep through sounds either. I got some earplugs a few months ago to see if they would help, but I don’t sleep very well then either, because I’m positive someone is going to break in and murder me in my bed because I didn’t hear them. :P


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